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25 Years Exploring The Intersection of Culture, Commerce and Technology

Joshua was 11 the first time he got online. That was in 1986, when dial-up modems were still special order items at Radio Shack.  Graduating from BBS's in the '80's to IRC in the '90's, and finally, today’s internet proper, Joshua has long been passionate about how digital technologies shape our attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and relationships.

A 25-year veteran of advertising and digital agency planning departments, Joshua came to his current position  at Edelman Chicago from Google, where, as Principal Account Planner, he was responsible for managing digital planning and strategy efforts across the entire Food, Beverage & Restaurant vertical (covering over 140 brands).

In the course of his career, Joshua has worked with 43 of the world’s 50 biggest advertisers across virtually all business categories, pioneering digital research and online marketing methodologies along the way. Joshua has been developing insights and strategy for the digital space as long as brands have been there.  Starting with the earliest incarnations of “digital marketing” in the early-’90’s, Joshua cut his digital teeth planning corporate intranets and closed social networks for brands like Bayer, Pizza Hut, and Sprint. 


As soon as mass social networks sprouted up in the early ‘00’s (remember Orkut and  Friendster?), Joshua began using them for research, pioneering online sociometry and data-mining techniques for clients like Sony and Epic Records.  Joshua assisted MySpace with an early re-positioning effort, and has managed marketing communications efforts for Fortune 100 brands across numerous social media platforms, from WhatsApp to SlideShare (not to mention all the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram).


Joshua has also long-been a champion of the mobile web, creating mobile strategy and e-commerce programs for many CPG companies including Kraft, Kimberley-Clark, AB-InBev, Mondolez, SC Johnson, and many others. 


Joshua also has extensive experience managing brand strategy at a global level, developing global insight & strategy work for brands like NIVEA, Paper-Mate, Alka-Seltzer, Samsung, Alitalia, Diners Club, YUM! Brands, and others. Joshua recently created the global brand narrative for Nissan, and has vast experience developing brand architecture and narrative from the ground-up.

Joshua has specific experience in CPG, Pharma, Professional Services, QSR, Pet Food & Pet Care, Telecommunications, Beauty & Personal Care, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, and Banking & Financial Services categories.

Joshua graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree, double majoring in Advertising and American History.  When he’s not burying his face in a screen, Joshua can be often be found under a pair of headphones smiling along to sad indie-pop songs, devouring non-fiction books, swimming where ever he can find some open water, walkin' around lookin' at stuff, thinking about people, or (most likely of all) hanging out with his wife and their dogs, an 85-pound lap-dog Rottweiler named Bee, and a 55-pound coonhound-mix sweetie-boy named Dewey.


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